What Are the Types of Thesis Papers: Guide & Writing Tips

Thesis paper is another name for academic graduate research writing. It’s a type of academic research writing students are expected to do in partial fulfillment of the course. However, the requirements for this writing differ depending on the student’s academic level. Students who intend to go far in their academic journey must encounter thesis writing – more than once and at different levels.

For instance, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral theses follow different patterns. But, to write them, you must follow a distinct academic writing guide. Apart from the academic writing guide, students are also expected to follow the specific structure of a thesis paper. The thesis paper’s structure usually differs per department and institution. Here we have explored the research thesis definition, the standard format, and tips for writing one. So, read on!

What is research thesis writing?

A research thesis writing is a lengthy academic piece that contains a scholarly perspective on a topic supported by authority texts. Every research thesis is usually based on a specific subject matter—the topic. The research thesis buttresses the points within a chosen topic, interpreting and deriving new meaning from the writer’s perspective.

Standard format for thesis paper

The format of a thesis has a slight similarity to regular academic papers. But, it differs a bit from how you are expected to structure an academic paper. Below is what the format of every thesis paper should look like:

  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Table of Content
  • List of Figures
  • List of Tables
  • Nomenclature (for listing and explaining all the non-familiar terms/symbols and acronyms)
  • Body (containing the Introduction, Research Theory, Methodology, Results and Discussion, and Conclusion)
  • Ending Page (containing the Acknowledgment, Appendixes, and Bibliography)

Research paper vs. thesis

Research papers and theses usually follow a similar pattern. However, here are the following ways their differences abound.

The format

The research paper follows the basic format used for every academic writing. In contrast, an additional structure is added to thesis papers.

The length

Most research papers usually are at most ten pages. They are small pieces of academic writing for journal publications. In contrast, thesis papers are voluminous and might even exceed 100 pages.

How long is a thesis paper?

The topic of your thesis often determines your paper’s length. However, thesis papers are known to go between 60 to 100 pages.

Thesis paper length can also be influenced by your department and institution. So, before you begin writing your thesis, consult your supervisor or senior colleagues to find out what is required of you.

Tips for writing a thesis

Writing an academic thesis is a challenging task. While you cannot escape it, you can learn how to adapt. Here are some proven tips that help with every thesis writing:

  • Choose a topic you have an interest in. Also, make sure that your chosen topic has enough depth.
  • Conduct thorough research before you start writing. Thorough research helps you figure out research problems and develop your points.
  • Draft a proper outline. Your outline should contain all the points and ideas gathered from the research. Gradually fit those ideas to form subtopics and points.
  • Write out your abstract. Your abstract briefly summarizes all the points buttressed in your thesis. So, writing out your abstract keeps you on track while writing.
  • Cite accurate and relevant research sources. Cite as many sources as possible using the proper citation style
  • Proofread and edit your thesis after writing. For ease, break your proofreading and editing into chapters.
  • Use a thesis paper template while writing. It’s easy to lose track of how to present your thesis. In that case, make use of a thesis template as a guide.

What are the different types of thesis?

Students will come across different types of theses as they climb the academic ladder. Here are the generally recognized types.

Bachelor thesis

A bachelor thesis is the very first kind of thesis college students encounter in school. It is also known as an undergraduate thesis and is one of the most popular types of college thesis. However, this thesis is usually a graduation essay students prepare before graduation.

Master’s thesis

A master’s thesis is a form of academic paper writing done by master’s program students. It follows a more in-depth detail compared to a bachelor’s thesis. They are also longer than a bachelor’s thesis.

Doctorate thesis

This is another major type of thesis recognized worldwide. It is a bulky and information-saturated academic piece written by Ph.D. students before they gain their doctoral degrees. A doctorate must be original and should typically be between 70,000 to 100,000 words.


Every type of thesis paper – senior thesis or whichever type, comes with its peculiar challenges. Students are always advised to seek the guidance of a faculty lecturer or professor while undertaking their research process.

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