Book Report Paper Writing

Book reports helping us give our opinions about various features of different books. Three different book report types prove effective. Such include theme analyses, plot summaries, and character analyses. Reports vary from book to book due to the different styles of the books. But, there prove quite some elements that come as a standard for any book review. Having a brilliant book report helps the reader get an overall feel of what the actual book entails. The following constitute the common elements for all book reports.

  • Book title 
  • The book report type you are using
  • Name of the book’s author
  • Place in terms of location of the story’s occurrence
  • Time of occurrence of the story
  • A brief explanation of the different book characters giving their names
  • Examples and quotations that support your report opinions of the book

The following prove the three types of book reports

Plot Summary 

In this type of report, you should give your honest opinion freely without making it feel like you have to narrate the story all over again. Explain why you think the story is captivating, sappy, or impractical. Use as many examples as you can from the book as possible to make your report more believable and catchy.

Character Analysis

  • For the characters, explore their personalities, physical traits, and how they affect the book’s plot through their actions.  Explain what the reader’s impression of a character entails, based on their dressing, personality together with any positive traits they possess. 
  • If a character has negative traits that get them into trouble, mention it in the report.
  • Mention any dialogues, how they come out, and how one character’s words affect the others, either positively or negatively.
  • And finally, mention how the different characters bring the book’s plot together.

Theme Analysis

It explains the main idea of the story behind the writing of the book. It proves okay to choose an appropriate theme, one that you can become comfortable reviewing. It makes writing the report more fun and easy. Include your own opinion and what the book makes you feel as an audience or reader. That way, the importance of the theme comes out. Explain what the particular subject of the book proves. Also, explain how that book informs your opinion.

  • Explain the theme in detail before giving your opinion.
  • Use examples from that book, making sure you quote them to explain the importance of the subject to a story.
  • Explain each quotation or direct example in detail, making a direct connection to the story. The examples used should show how important the theme is especially connecting to the main tale.
  • After establishing the relationship in detail, explain in a few words how the theme impacted the overall story. If the chosen theme made the story fascinating to read or made the story feel a bit off.


Choosing the type of book report depends on your preference and the type of text you pick. Either way, the review should come out clearly and as expressive as possible. 

Make you’re your opinions have support examples derived from the actual book. Book reports help students gain the skill of summarizing, making connections between texts, comparing and contrasting, and making predictions amidst other skills. Book reports also help students get a broader view of different perspectives. Book reports help students in gaining skills that become essential throughout their lives.

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